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Time Again for Tea…

Once upon a time, “Working from Home” was thought of as a luxury. Something to be envied by all your “Work From the Office” friends. You may have smiled indulgently, perhaps not bothering to insist that you were actually…well…working.

Chaos from the pandemic has changed that mentality as now many of us struggle to work from home. Work life and home life collide in a soul crushing fight to find normalcy in an uncertain world.

Answer your craving for some peace by making time for tea again. Rather than stare at the walls of your home for the sixth month in a row, come sit and rest your eyes on the beautiful potted flowering plants on my patio. Or admire the nicely manicured park across the street.

Sit in the light shade of the patio and allow the pleasant breeze to cool your cabin fever. Let the soothing sounds of the wall fountain or the soft background music replace the constant bickering of politics you hear on T.V.

Step back from heart wrenching stories of racial turmoil to remember calmness and to appreciate the beautiful and simple things in life: reconnecting with friends and family.

Experience again the well-orchestrated pairing of beautifully set table and presentation of food in the fresh open air of my patio. Afternoon tea is a small gift of luxury you can afford to spend on yourself – and some would say, good therapy for your soul.

Time Again For Tea

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