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Fresh Warm Cinnamon Rolls…

Did you know Marlene’s Tea and Cakes sell nice and delicious cinnamon rolls on Saturday mornings?   Come early while we still have them!

These cinnamon rolls are great to take along to that morning sports activity with the kids.  Take them along with a nice cup of hot coffee and/or tea.

Yummy Brownies…


Indulge yourself in our new Extreme Wicked Brownies. These mouth-watering brownies contain:

  • chocolate chip cookie dough (we chip in Callebaut finest Belgian chocolate)
  • Oreo cookies
  • rich brownie
  • white and dark Callebaut finest Belgian chocolate drizzled on top

Frittatas in the house…

We now sell frittatas!

Frittatas are healthier for breakfast because they are gluten-free and baked.  These yummy items are like quiches without the crust.

Come by and try a Potato-bacon-leek or Tomato-herb or possibly a Spinach-mushroom-goat cheese frittata.  Selection varies daily.




If there is one thing I want people to experience at Marlene’s Tea & Cakes, it’s the magic of afternoon tea. Here, all of your senses will be awakened: the sight of a beautiful setting; the smell of something delicious; the taste of simplicity; and the touch of a friend.

I have always loved to bake – my signature cookies and cakes have been a staple for discriminating customers for many years. However, my love for afternoon tea is  just as strong. And there, Marene’s Tea & Cakes was born – a place where people and pampering go hand in hand…any time of day, with everything  you love.

I was born in the Philippines, and brought to San Diego at the age of 4. I still live in San Diego, and never take for granted how beautiful it is here. I am thrilled that I’ve been able to fulfill my dream of opening my own business in my native town, as well as to pamper the palates of of my fellow San Diegans.

Cheers, Marlene